Photo: Carlos Guerrero Millan

Carlos Guerrero Millan

  • Collaborative methodologies
    Physicalisation of data
    Information design
    Values & systems thinking
Equitable and scalable technological and social development will require data-driven systems to be integrated as tangible and responsive contextual actors.

I am an interdisciplinary designer studying the interaction and collaboration of humans with technology and co-creative methodologies as tools that can help people understand complex systems, create social and cultural relationships and develop new interpretations of diverse concepts and services through the intervention and augmentation of spaces. I pursued bachelor studies in Industrial Design at ITESM (Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education), and I hold a Master degree in Information Design from UAM, in Mexico. I have worked at R&D for companies as Siemens, for government institutions and at the innovation firm Fjord, where I managed and executed technological projects focused on underserved groups and communities.