Meet Our Proto­teams

Prototeams are a unique DCODE feature. Teams of PhD researchers from various backgrounds work together in real-world contexts and develop scientific knowledge to prototype future design competences and professional practices.

Prototeam 1 is exploring how data is collected and labeled to train AI at Philips and MyTomorrows

They will investigate how professionals from different fields (AI engineers, UX designers, and healthcare professionals) work together to enable this process. They aim to explore alternative design processes for ensuring that domain-specific knowledge is adequately transferred between people from different disciplines and between humans and AI in the form of data labels.

Prototeam 2 aims to examine critical issues of reciprocal care, trust, and privacy in relation to sensing technologies in both home and urban settings

​​For this project, the team is partnering with AMS, ACRC and ClearBoxAI. The partners engage with sensing technologies in varying contexts, ranging from homes to urban spaces. How to protect privacy and facilitate care is a shared challenge among the partners, despite different contexts and nuances in the specific technology that is put in use.

Prototeam 3 is working in collaboration with AMS and OpenFuture looking at the design of crowd management sensing technology.

We aim to expose and map tensions arising from predictive crowdsensing systems, using AMS initiatives to locate and better understand sensor networks and their implications on public spheres of life within Amsterdam to design new scenarios for public engagement and novel uses of sensing technologies.