We are DCODE


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Our Mission

The industrial revolution happened, and it’s over.

We are living in the midst of a digital transformation of society.

Yet, design practice is stuck in the past. We struggle to reconcile human values and algorithmic logic with sustainable social, economic, and political models. We lack the knowledge, skills, and roles within companies or organizations to design for interaction with autonomous technologies in ways that benefit humankind.  

We must responsibly anticipate and steer this transformation. Imagining and manifesting alternative futures has to be a proactive effort.  

It is time to rethink design and create new pathways to the future.

Elisa Giaccardi, Project Lead and Supervisor

Our Big 5 Challenges

How will we design for human-machine relations?
Inclusive Digital Futures
How will we make decentralised systems work for society?
Trusted Inter­actions
How will we co‑create sustainable business models in a digital society?
Sustainable Socio-Economic Models
How will we enable public deliberation on data and algorithms?
Democratic Data Governance
How will we prototype responsible design practices in the digital society?
Future Design Practices