Our graduation labs support creative collaboration between researchers and master's students. Are you a graduate student at one of DCODE universities? Do you have an itch for working across disciplines and sectors? → Get in touch with us!

Human-Algorithms Lab 

Are you interested in understanding human-machine relations, and shaping better interactions between algorithms and humans? Would you like to explore how to integrate humanistic and computational ways of thinking? Work with DCODE anthropologists, engineers, and computer scientists on a graduation project in this space!

Entangled Interactions Lab 

Are you interested in designing for trusted interactions across data-driven, decentralised systems? Would you like to explore how to deal with intentionality gaps, issues of power imbalance in predictive systems, and matters of contestability? Work with DCODE designers and researchers with tech backgrounds in AI and ML for your graduation project!

Multi-Sided Value Lab 

Are you interested in conceptualising and promoting alternative currencies and forms of values? Would you like to sustain more transparent and inclusive socio-economic models in the digital society? Work on your graduation project with DCODE designers and economists!

Digital Sovereignty Lab 

Are you interested in enabling more democratic forms of digital sovereignty for how data and algorithms are governed? Would you like to experiment with alternative contracts between service providers, users, and third parties? Work with designers and other professionals with a background or active interest in policymaking for your graduation project!

Future Design Practices Lab  

Are you interested in envisioning new design competencies and practices for the responsible and sustainable digital transformation of society? Would you like to prototype anticipatory, deliberative, and responsive innovation approaches? Craft your graduation project with DCODE researchers and practitioners!