Photo: Grace Turtle

Grace Turtle

  • Transition design
    Design anthropology
    Speculative Design
    Performative design
To mobilise social imaginaries towards more just digital futures is about making worlds, otherwise.

I am a (post-disciplinary) queer, Australian-Colombian designer, artist, and researcher. I use experimentation and play (Table Top Games, LARPing, simulation design, etc.) to mobilise imaginaries towards more just and sustainable futures and render worlds otherwise. I have a decade of experience across Australia, Asia, Europe, Central and South America. I am a member of Becoming, a critical and speculative art and design research collective based in Barcelona and presented at TEDx, The Influencers Festival, and PRIMER. As a Design Manager at Deloitte, I have worked with government agencies, cultural institutions, and third sector organisations, driving participatory design research, futuring, and service design for transition.