Photo: Melissa Theunissen

Melissa Theunissen

  • Healthcare UX
    Qualitative research
    Data-driven design

Melissa Theunissen (MBChB) is the UX Lead and Business Analyst at myTomorrows, an international platform that links patients facing unmet medical needs to treatments in development worldwide. She began her journey in South Africa, where she practiced as a medical doctor for 6 years before deciding to transition to a career path in human-centered design. Having witnessed how emerging technologies are evolving disease management and shaping the future of healthcare, Melissa wanted to explore how she could use her medical expertise to be a part of creating the solutions that address the many problems existing within the complex healthcare ecosystem. Her current role provides the opportunity to do just that, where she focuses on gathering user research insights to inform her design work that aims to continuously improve the myTomorrows platform that interconnects the interwoven journeys of patients, healthcare professionals, clinical research teams, and biopharma clients.