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Every year, we proudly showcase studies, design experiments, workshop formats, and more from our 15 PhD fellows, the prototeams, and the DCODE Labs graduates.

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  • Photo: Eco-Urban Futures (DCODE Labs)

    Eco-Urban Futures (DCODE Labs)

    Trusted Inter­actions
    • Seowoo Nam

    In response to the climate crisis, humans are recasting urban forests as infrastructures with digital technologies. How can digital twin simulation help us imagine healthier futures for us-with-the-forest?

    Photo: Shared Mobility Futures (DCODE Labs)

    Shared Mobility Futures (DCODE Labs)

    Inclusive Digital Futures
    • Shruthi Venkat

    This project aimed to build shared understandings of future AI systems through design, addressing gaps in stakeholder backgrounds, and undertaking holistic approaches. Speculative design and the stack from Freedom Lab facilitated discussions and reflections on residential shared mobility.

    Photo: Rethinking Digital Consent (DCODE Labs)

    Rethinking Digital Consent (DCODE Labs)

    Democratic Data Governance
    • Aniek Kempeneers - TU Delft MSc

    Digital platforms rely heavily on harvesting end-user data to provide personalized content. This master thesis offers a design vision of digital consent practices and disclosure interactions as a process rather than a moment.

    Photo: Creating monsters (DCODE Labs)

    Creating monsters (DCODE Labs)

    Future Design Practices
    • Anne Arzberger - TU Delft MSc

    We all have unconscious tendencies to categorise and discriminate. These biases are perpetuated by structures of power baked into the data we feed to algorithms. This master thesis offers a collection of queer ambiguous toys, each illustrating a different kind of reflexive practice and designer-AI collaboration.