Photo: Dr. Ewa Luger

Dr. Ewa Luger

  • Ethics of AI
    Data ethics
    Digital inclusion
Distributed and decentralised services require inclusive data governance models to balance the interests of multiple stakeholders.

Ewa Luger is Chancellor’s Fellow (Associate Professor) at the University of Edinburgh, Fellow of the Alan Turing Institute (London), and Acting Director of Research at Edinburgh Futures Institute. Broadly, her work investigates socio-technical and ethical issues arising from machine intelligence and data-driven systems, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, and Public Policy. That encompasses practical considerations such as human-centric data governance, human-data interaction, and how intelligent networked systems might be made intelligible to the user, with a particular interest in the distribution of power and the public interest. She is currently the Principal investigator for ICE-AI, a project exploring algorithmic intelligibility and use within public service media. She is also a Co-investigator on the following projects: PETRAS National Centre of Excellence for IoT Systems Cybersecurity, where she leads on ‘usable and useful security, Human Data Interaction Network Plus, INTUIT (EPSRC), and Resilience in the New Real (AHRC).