Photo: Prof. Alessandro Bozzon

Prof. Alessandro Bozzon

  • Human-centered AI
    Human-computer interaction
    Data science
Machine learning-driven systems must learn to work and grow alongside humans.

Alessandro Bozzon is a Professor of Human-Cantered Artificial Intelligence with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE) at the Delft University of Technology. He is Principal Investigator of Urban Data and Intelligence at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions. His research lies in human-computer interaction, human computation, user modelling, and machine learning. By investigating the relationship between the science and practice of design and the digital technology that fuels intelligent products, services, and systems, Alessandro is interested in developing methods and tools that support the design, development, control, and operation of AI-enabled systems. Such systems may be well-situated around actual human characteristics, values, intentions, and behaviours and cater for people and society’s well-being.