Photo: Prof. Elisa Giaccardi

Prof. Elisa Giaccardi

  • Design theory and methodology
    More-than-human design
    Research through design
    Thing ethnography
    Speculative ethics
Designing AI systems is to integrate capabilities and doings uniquely human and uniquely artificial, such as improvisation and foresight.

Elisa Giaccardi is Professor in Post-Industrial Design at TU Delft, the Netherlands. Her work is focused on the challenges that a permeating digitalisation means for the field of design. After pioneering work in metadesign, networked and open design processes, her research currently engages with probabilistic, more-than-human design approaches. The starting point is that digital things today hold both perception and possible agency. Thus, they ‘participate’ in design and use in ways that previous industrially produced objects could not. Her work has contributed significantly to the development of post-industrial and post-humanist approaches in the fields of Design and Human-Computer Interaction through more than one hundred peer-reviewed conference and journal papers and book chapters, and funded research projects in the domain of memory practices, ageing and the future of work.

Elisa is director of the MSc program Design for Interaction at the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering, Associate Editor for Springer HCI, and founding member of the campus-wide initiative for responsible design and engineering of AI systems AITECH that spearheaded TU Delft AI strategy.