Photo: Prof. Jens-Erik Mai

Prof. Jens-Erik Mai

  • Information ethics
    Informational privacy
    Information policy
    Philosophy of information
When technology becomes political, designers face ethical dilemmas.

Jens-Erik Mai is a Professor of Information and an experienced university leader. He is currently Head of the Department of Communication at the University of Copenhagen and an active participant in the international information studies community as conference chair, workshop organiser, reviewer, editor, speaker, and editorial board member.  His research concerns basic questions about data and information in the digital society dealing with philosophical, ethical, cultural, and contextual dimensions of information, information and communication technology, digital media, and information and cultural institutions. He has contributed to the philosophy of information with analyses of information quality from a Gricean perspective and information ethics and privacy with studies of the notion of personal information in the context of datafication. His contributions to knowledge organization/classification have shaped the area’s conceptual and methodological foundation. Jens-Erik’s papers on semiotics, philosophy of language, and post-modernity within that area are widely cited and used.