Join the DCODE PhD Team: Machine Learning Methods for Sustainable Design Futures

You will be part of a European network of 15 PhD projects on cutting-edge, postdisciplinary research aiming to form the next generation of researchers and leaders capable of anticipating and responsibly guiding the digital transformation of society towards inclusive and sustainable futures, see

This particular project is about developing machine learning methods suitable for design tasks in which human needs and values are driving forces, instead of the typical focus on efficiency and optimisation. In this project you will investigate what machine learning metrics are most apt for guiding these tasks and for navigating the associated design trade-offs (e.g., between accuracy and fairness). The application domain is in the field of mobility and transportation.

The PhD will be working at the Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence research cluster of Transport and Telecommunication Institute, under the supervision of prof. Irina Jackiva and Neil Rubens, and the co-supervision of prof. Somaya Ben Allouch (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands). Being part of the DCODE network offers unique possibilities for training: dedicated summer/winter schools for all PhD candidates in which training will be delivered by renowned academics and practitioners; participation in “prototeams”, e.g., teams of PhD candidates with different disciplinary backgrounds who will engage with the real world to ethically develop and iteratively prototype future technologies, design roles and practices; exchanges abroad for training and collaboration with others partners; a wealth of resources for European training and collaboration.

More information and application guidelines:

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