Design for entangled interactions

Christopher Frauenberger — Register for the opening keynote at DCODE Summer School 2022

June 22, 20220 - 9:45 AM - IDE, TU Delft, The Netherlands

Posthumanism and Design – Configuring Desired Technological Futures 

As we acknowledge the profound impacts that digital technology has on the human (and non-human) condition, we come to realise that we are much more entangled with the material world, and our tools in particular, than modernist thinking has led us to believe. Our interactions with artificial intelligence, virtual realities or pervasive, cyberphysical systems have revealed and amplified ontological, epistemological and ethical uncertainties that require us to re-consider what we do when we design and use technology. In this talk I argue why different posthumanistic theories provide a productive lens to better understand and design for human-technology relationships. They point to a world of distributed agential capacities, a continuous production of reality and an accountability that is traceable through the networks of relations. In translating this thinking for design, I argue for a renewed sense of politics and participation in configuring desired technological futures. 

Christopher Frauenberger is a professor in Human-Computer Interaction at the University of Salzburg (Austria). He investigates and designs interactive digital technology in a wide range of contexts with groups who are often marginalized in mainstream innovation landscapes, e.g., autistic children. His research builds on new philosophical perspectives to conceptualize our increasingly entangled relationships with technology, unearthing the ethical, moral, epistemological, and ontological implications for designing technological futures. 

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