Symposium: Designing for Futures Otherwise

We are excited to invite you to the “Designing for Futures Otherwise: From the Designerly Imaginaries to the Socio-Technical Practices of Responsible AI” public symposium on the 25th of January at the University of Copenhagen. In this symposium, we explore the role of designerly imaginaries and socio-technical practices in the design of Responsible AI, showcasing the findings of three years in the DCODE Marie-Curie network. Professor Irina Shklovski will open the symposium by introducing the DCODE network in discussion with the affiliated industry partner, Bulent Ozel. We are excited to have our keynote speaker, Professor Ann Light, invited to share her insights on “Imagining Difference”.

We will feature two thematic panels, addressing the designerly imaginaries and the expert’s socio-technical practices in designing AI systems that aspire to be responsible and inclusive.

25th of January 2024, 10:00-17:00hrs

University of Copenhagen: Southern Campus

Karen Blixens Vej 8, 2300 København S

Auditorium 4A.0.69

Detailed programme:

10:30-11:00am Welcome & Presentation of DCODE network
Prof. Irina Shlovski in discussion with Bulent Ozel (Lucid Minds)
11:00-12:00 amPanel 1: Designerly Imaginaries panel

-Sonja Rattay, University of Copenhagen 
-Youngsil Lee, University of Edinburgh
-Carlos Guerrero Millan, University of Edinburgh

  Discussant: Professor Miguel Sicart (ITU)
13:00-14:00 pmPanel 2: Socio-Technical Practices of Responsible AI 

-Natalia Avlona, University of Copenhagen
-Mireia Yurrita, TU Delft
-Ignacio Garnham, Aarhus University

Discussant: Associate Professor Luca Rossi (ITU)
14:15-15:15Keynote Speaker: Prof. Ann Light
 “Ιmagining Difference: Whose Imagination? What Difference?”
15:15-17:00Reception & Showcase
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