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Urban Recipes (ESR4 + ESR12)

A design experiment with more-than-human commoning

Urban Recipes is an ongoing research collaboration between Yuxi Liu and Seda Özçetin that experiments with more-than-human commoning. It makes, exchanges, and recreates recipes for exploring the city and noticing its rich ecologies through actions, observations, and associations. Building on the Situationist practice of dérive (“drifting”) and Donna Haraway’s notion of sympoiesis, our investigation combines the spatial exploration of drifting with the recursive practices of recipe making, opening up a space for new ways of relating to both humans and nonhumans in everyday urban environment, in the process facilitating a novel approach to more-than-human commoning. By straddling diverse lived experiences in a tangible way, Urban Recipes presents a dynamic atlas of playful instructions and poetic documentations as a means of becoming-with the more-than-human.

This project is part of the Design United | Design Research Programme Transitions at the Dutch Design Week ’22, 22-30 October, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

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