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From Good Things to Good Systems – The Shift in Design.

The role of design has changed repeatedly over the past decades. From artistic craftsmanship to the support of industrial production, to user-centred design, the field of activity has grown from designing objects to shaping processes and interactions.

Today, current design research is once again concerned with the question of which topics design should address in order to shape the future. The landscape ranges from “Beyond User Centered Design” with a focus to a live in networks supported by technology, to “Social Design“ with a focus to the cohesion of global or local social communities, to the care for the livelihood of our planet which we destroy in the Anthropocene.

Many new terms are currently circulating again for topics that design should address. They all seem to be similar in two things:
1. A broader view of problems and solutions that as result requires more than a product or service for a consumer
2. A systemic approach


In the session we will …

  • Sketch the landscape of currently discussed design approaches
  • Question and discuss some of the design approaches with experts and our participants
  • Finding out what the red thread for design is in the new approaches

Speakers include:

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