Future Design Practices

UNCOMMON CROWD (Prototeam 3)

Sensing in the wild from more-than-human perspectives

The use of sensing technologies alongside politically charged urban development initiatives raises complex tensions and issues concerning the role of these systems in shaping emergent socio-technical phenomena, implicating the shape of daily life experiences and futuring of cities via the ongoing management, planning, and development initiatives. 

In response to this problem, the Uncommon Crowd workshop poses the questions: 

  • What if urban sensing systems, deployed in cities, moved from control-based, closed and centralized modes of sensing to more commons-based, open, and distributed modes of sensing? 
  • How then might urban sensing systems celebrate the diversity, layered history, and rich cultural tapestry of place in their design and use?

Have you ever considered yourself to be a part of a sensing system? In this workshop, participants engage with Live Action Roleplay (LARP) and auto-ethnographic and fictional modes of design inquiry. From the perspective of different human and non-human agents, players who participate in the workshop examine how urban sensing systems write themselves into cities and, in turn, how cities write themselves into sensing systems—and by doing so, shape civic futures.

In this prototeam, we partnered with AMS and Open Future.

Website: https://unc0mm0ncr0wd.com

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