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Every year, we proudly showcase studies, design experiments, workshop formats, and more from our 15 PhD fellows, the prototeams, and the DCODE Labs graduates.

Annual Showcase Prototeams

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  • Photo: Co-imagining Care Futures (Prototeam 1)

    Co-imagining Care Futures (Prototeam 1)

    A poetic investigation in future design practices with generative AI. While offering greater efficiencies and new creative modalities, the use of generative AI in design will require increased reflexivity to build inclusive futures.

    Photo: Hall of Mirrors (Prototeam 3)

    Hall of Mirrors (Prototeam 3)

    An open archive of (mis)interpretation of marginalized identities, cultures, stories, and places by generative AI for curious technologists, designers and artists, radical policymakers, and activists.

    Photo: Conjectural Technologies (Prototeam 2)

    Conjectural Technologies (Prototeam 2)

    A speculative design consultancy specialized in pre-participatory design. We design products and scenarios that serve as vehicles to break down barriers between disciplines in care technology environments.

    Photo: Synthetic Data Generation (Prototeam 4)

    Synthetic Data Generation (Prototeam 4)

    What is the place of Synthetic Data Generation within the realm of personalised travel recommendation algorithms?

    Photo: Plumbing the Machine Learning Pipeline (Prototeam 1)

    Plumbing the Machine Learning Pipeline (Prototeam 1)

    Future Design Practices

    Developing machine learning systems requires multidisciplinary teams working across the ML pipeline. In this workshop, participants are invited to act out a fictional ML design scenario and reflect on how values are embedded and lost in industry practices.

    Photo: Sensing Care Through Design (Prototeam 2)

    Sensing Care Through Design (Prototeam 2)

    Future Design Practices

    By collaborating with experts from machine learning, robotics, nursing studies, and healthcare, this prototeam has designed methods to investigate and envision future interactions between sensing technologies, care receivers, and the care network around them, from the standpoint of the affected.

    Photo: UNCOMMON CROWD (Prototeam 3)

    UNCOMMON CROWD (Prototeam 3)

    Future Design Practices

    The use of sensing technologies raises complex tensions and issues in the city. In this workshop, participants engage with auto-ethnographic and fictional modes of design inquiry to explore and prototype commons-based, open, and distributed modes of sensing in the wild.